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The Melodians are one of Jamaica's greatest vocal harmony groups cutting a series of classic singles during the Rocksteady era of the late '60s and early '70s that included the internationally famed "Rivers of Babylon" & "Sweet Sensation."  Continue Reading >


Trevor McNaughton - harmony
Taurus Alphanso - harmony/lead
Winston Dias - lead vocals
Dandelion Productions
Booking Contact:
Roy McPherson
Dandelion Reggae
1) Danny Breckenridge
Upstairs Music
2) Taurus Alphonso

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With vintage songs such as Little Nut Tree, Swing and Dine and By The Rivers of Babylon, The Melodians are regarded as one of reggae's great harmony groups. To many, the lineup of Trevor McNaughton, Brent Dowe and Tony Brevett represent the classic edition of the group which formed in Kingston in 1963. Both have passed on. Dowe died in 2006 and Brevett in 2013.


But McNaughton, who started the group, is still at the helm. In late 2014, the Fort Lauderdale-based singer recruited two other South Florida entertainers to revive one of the rocksteady era's outstanding acts. Winston Dias, who had a hit song in the 1960s with Sericy Tea, and Taurus Alphonso who began recording in the early 1970s, are the new recruits. Their first assignment together was recording updated versions of Sweet Sensation and You Don't Need Me. Both songs were produced by Willie Lindo, whose Heavy Beat Records in Fort Lauderdale has produced numerous hit songs by Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown and Boris Gardiner. For McNaughton, it was a joy returning to the studio. He says the trio has rehearsed relentlessly to get that signature Melodians sound.


Alphonso, who is from Mocho in Clarendon, grew up listening to The Melodians. When the opportunity came to join them, he jumped at it. "It's one of the greatest honours bestowed on me, I remember listening to songs like Stop and Go and Little Nut Tree," he said. Before moving to the United States, he recorded songs like Jesus is a Soul Man and Live Together. Since relocating to

the Sunshine State in 1986, he has released two albums: Strong, Gifted and Black and Survivor.


Dias recorded for various producers including Prince Buster before migrating to Canada in 1968. After 10 years, he moved to South Florida where he established himself as owner of the Classic nightclub. He also toured as a member of legendary doo wop group, The Drifters. He is also elated to be a Melodian. "The feeling is great, there is a great vibe and we are looking forward to big things," he said.


The Melodians first recorded during the ska era of the early 1960s, but hit their stride in the rocksteady period which ran from 1965-68. Their biggest hits were for producer Duke Reid, including Little Nut Tree and Sweet Sensation. They also recorded for Leslie Kong who produced

their biggest hit, By The Rivers of Babylon.


The latter is on the soundtrack to the 1972 movie, The Harder They Come. Dowe, Brevett and McNaughton are featured briefly in that movie. The Melodians got a second wind in the 1990s, when rocksteady enjoyed a revival in Jamaica and Europe.


This year, they celebrate their 52nd anniversary. Special things are in store.




Box Set Appearances:

 Swing & Dine-1968

 Sweet Sensation-1970/71 

 Rivers Of Babylon-The Best Of 1967-73 


 Irie Feeling-1983

 Lyrics to Riddim-2013


* Rivers Of Babylon [1967-73]
* Swing And Dine [196X-7X]


* Jimi Cliff-The Harder They Come
* 16 Dynamic Reggae Hits-This Beautiful Land
* A Live Injection-The Round And Round
* A Place Called Africa-Come Ethiopians Come
* Ba Ba Boom Duke Reid-Passion Love
* Best Of Beverley's Records-It Took A Miracle, Rock It With Me
* By Special Request- What More Can I Say
* By The Rivers Of Babylon-The Rivers Of Babylon
* Cafe Jamaica-Swing And Dine
* Club Reggae Vol 1-Rivers Of Babylon
* Cultural Dub-River Of Babylon
* Duke Reid's Treasure Chest-Come On Little, You Don't Need Me, I'll Get Along Without You, You Caught Me
* Dynamic Rockers-Bless The Sunshine
* Gas Greatest Hits- Ring Of Gold
* Hey Boy Hey Girl-Ring Of Gold
* History Of Trojan Records 1968-71-Rivers Of Babylon

* History Of Trojan Records 1972-95-This Beautiful Land

​​* Hottest Hits-Come On Little Girl

* Hottest Hits Vol 2- You Don't Need Me, I'll Get Along Without You
* House Of Lovers-The Bells Of My Heart

* Leslie Kong's Connection vol 1-Sweet Sensation, It Took A Miracle, Let's Give Praise & Thanks
* Leslie Kong's Connection vol 2-Rock It With Me, It's My Delight, Rivers Of Babylon
* Musical Feast-Little Nut Tree, Swing & Dine
* Original Jamaican Classics vol 3-You've Caught Me Baby, You Don't Need Me
* Ranking Miss P Presents Sweet Harmony-Rivers Of Babylon
* Reggae Chartbusters-Sweet Sensation
* Reggae Love Songs-Sweet Sensation
* Reggae To Reggae-This Tropical Land
* The Harder They Come-Rivers Of Babylon, Sweet Sensation, It's My Delight
* The Heavy Sounds Are On Dynamic-This Beautiful Land

* The Original Labour Of Love Collection-Sweet Sensation, It's My Delight
* This Is Reggae Music-Rivers Of Babylon
* Tighten Up Vol 4-Creation Version
* Treasure Isle Presents Tribute To Peckings-You've Caught Me Baby
* Trojan Jamaican Hits Box Set-It Comes And Goes
* Trojan Lovers Box Set-Ring Of Gold, You Don't Need Me
* Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set Vol 2-Come On Little Girl
* Trojan Originals Box Set-Sweet Sensation, It's My Delight, Rivers Of Babylon
* Trojan Ras Reggae Box Set-Irie Feelings
* Trojan Records Sampler 2002-Sweet Sensation
* Trojan Reggae For Kids Box Set-Little Nut Tree
* Trojan Rocksteady Box Set-Little Nut Tree, Swing And Dine, I Will Get Along Without You
* Trojan Singles Box Set-Banana Water
* Trojan Singles Collection-Sweet Sensation
* Trojan Sunshine Reggae Box Set-Bless The Sunshine
* Trojan UK Hits Box Set-Sweet Sensation, Rivers Of Babylon
* Version Galore-You Have Caught Me, You Don't Need Me, Everybody Bawling, Last Train To Ecstasy
* Young Gifted And Black-Rivers Of Babylon
* Your Ace From Space 

Melodians - river of babylon CD
The Melodians Singles
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Joined on stage by Winston Francis, Freddy Notes and Jacqueline Mendez at "This is Ska" festival in Wasserburg, Rasslau, Germany.  -  June 2016

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